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Well I’ve just ordered my new business cards…

It’s a joke! It’s a joke! I know that’s not ethical!!

For non-insiders, the CFA Institute specifically prohibits creating any sort of intermediate title for yourself, like “CFA Level II”. You either are or are not a charterholder, and only charterholders in good standing are allowed to put CFA after their names.

Yes friends, I managed to pass. It appears that neither a business degree nor third party study materials nor a TI BAII+ are required to sneak through the CFA exams – at least for Level I.

The CFA Institute sent out a link a few weeks back that it said would give you your test results at 9:00 AM EST on July 29. I clicked on it then and it said – surprise! – to check back at 9:00 AM EST on July 29. I clicked on it yesterday and early this morning and it said the same thing.

I clicked on it slightly after 9:00 AM today and it still said the same thing!! 👿 I hit reload a couple times and was finally greeted with a username and password field along with an ominous line of text:

June 2008 Level I: Pass Rate 35%

To be honest, I hadn’t been nervous at all these last few weeks while waiting for results. But when I saw the 35% I had trouble keeping my fingers from shaking while logging in.

And just like that a new page opens with your results. I was going to just do a screen capture but remembered that thing I signed about not giving away details of the test, and the exam results do give the breakdown as to how many points came from which section.

So I’ve reproduced only my scores below. In fact, you don’t get a score but rather a Pass or Fail and what range your scores fell in for the tested categories:

This is very good news indeed as my wife and I are about to take off to Finland and I was wondering what I was going to do about needing to start preparing to re-take Level I in December versus the logistics of bringing all the study guides with me.

Speaking of the study guides, since taking the test on June 7, I haven’t opened them once. This really surprised me as I actually loved most of the material. I guess I either just needed a break or somewhere deep in the subconscious was the knowledge that I had passed.

So, I will be registering for Level II soon and continue the blogging. Thanks to all of you who have kept in touch through the comments – let me know how you did! And many thanks to my wife for the red bulls, encouragement, and space to prepare.

Should thank the poodle too. The dog walks really helped to break up the blocks of study time…

See you all again soon. 🙂