Mensa IQ

Calling all egos! Calling all A-types!

Mensa IQ
Read ’em and weep…

Mensa has an online version of their exam that they’re letting you take for FREE until the end of January. Maybe they do this every year?

It takes about 30 minutes, so I gave it a shot. I ended up doing not so badly!

That was a surprise, as I don’t enjoy brain teasers and for all undergraduate and graduate entrance exams, I scored well above the minimum required to get in – but quite below what was needed to be offered a free ride.

And that “not too shabby, but you’re no Einstein” appears to be how I scored on their test. I thought Mensanites were supposed to be the top 2%, but they are tempting me with the notion that I might have a shot at inclusion. Either it’s a trick to get me to pay the testing fee, or the standard error on that 30 minute test is quite large.

Maybe all that CFA preparation got the brain into better than average shape? Give it a shot and tell me how you did.