Out to Lunch… or Whatever

Whoa, not a peep from me here since almost this time last year. I’ve wondered why I haven’t been bursting to share anything for several months and think I’ve finally cracked the case.

Here’s the dirty little culprit.


That’s not just some app I installed on my phone and opened once. I’ve put some real miles on this sucker – check out my stats!


For years, YEARS! I tried to start meditating but couldn’t get it to stick. Remember that embarrassing meditation journal I mentioned in a previous post?

The secret sauce this time around is not more self-discipline, it’s actually just more ego. The app keeps track of how many consecutive days you’ve logged and, once you get a few under your belt, you really don’t want to miss one and see the counter start over at zero.

The only problem is… what’s that thing David Letterman said… “if it weren’t for the coffee I’d have no identifiable personality.” Well, if coffee dials up the personality, meditation dials it down. It doesn’t make you sleepy or anything, usually quite the opposite – but just not bursting at the seams to blather on and on about all your great opinions and theories.

Maybe when I hit the 1-year mark in a few days I’ll throttle back the daily time I log. It’s a great tonic for the ol’ neuroses nervosa but apparently the kiss of death for content creation.