Being Aware of Being Aware

And that’s one done from the Liberate pile…

This one was a gift. I’m a sucker for all things non-duality, with the radical invitation to possibly see (not just believe) that one of the deepest things we believe – something we’d never, ever think to question – isn’t actually true. That is, the belief in the self.

We think we are the entity, personality, soul,… occupying the body, managing life, making decisions – sometimes acting, sometimes reacting.

But look. Bugs, cats, frogs all avoid danger, seek food, find shelter, mate, reproduce, raise young. Is it because there’s a little froggy soul in there, driving the froggy body?!

No, we say. The frog is just operating on instinct: pre-programmed, automatic behavior from preferences & drives, the result of natural selection & life experience. Ultimately, there’s “nobody home” in the frog body.

Maybe there’s nobody home in your body either.

How much lighter would you travel if something convinced you, 100%, that this is indeed the case?

The above book wasn’t bad, but in my opinion, if you want the best of the best, go here and here.