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Better Ways
Clothes Cycling
How to Quickly Open a CD
How to Read More Books
How to Retain What You Read
The Modern Portfolio Magic Vacation Formula Theory

Entry #01: One Small Step
Entry #02: While You Are Waiting
Entry #03: What’s in the Box
Entry #04: Oh, and One More Thing
Entry #05: 93% Ethical, 93% Professional
Entry #06: Do Yourself a Favor
Entry #07: I Call Errata
Entry #08: Four Thousand Splendid Suns
Entry #09: Annuity Baffles Area Man!
Entry #10: CFA or MBA?
Entry #11: Stochastic Thoughts
Entry #12: Go Preppy?
Entry #13: Crossover Potential
Entry #14: I Love My Problems
Entry #15: Prospectin’
Entry #16: Not Treading Lightly
Entry #17: Speed Bumped
Entry #18: Diermeier on the CFA Program
Entry #19: Delayed Launch?
Entry #20: Oh the Humanity!
Entry #21: Half and Half
Entry #22: Not Dead Yet
Entry #23: Ill Omen
Entry #24: Exam Day Experience
Entry #26: Hot Shot! Part Deux
Entry #27: Level Two Study Strategy
Entry #28: The Paradox and the Lifeboat
Entry #29: Now It Begins
Entry #30: Valuing the Future
Entry #31: Two Quotes
Entry #32: Scythians and Psyche 77
Entry #33: Desperately Seeking Problems
Entry #34: Path to the RIA?
Entry #35: CFA Level Two Exam Day Experience
Entry #36: Level II Purgatory
Entry #37: Track of the Pack
Entry #38: What’s in the Schweser Box
Entry #39: New Beginnings
Entry #40: Here Goes Something
Entry #41: Part Deux Re-deux
Entry #42: CFA Level II Exam Results
Entry #43: A Thin Three
Entry #44: Conan Barbarian, CFA
Entry #45: Finish Line?
Entry #46: Say Hallo to Summer!
Entry #47: Engineers and the CFA Program
Entry #48: None Shall Pass
Entry #49: Perspective, Probabilities, and Price
Entry #50: Opportunity Cost
Entry #51: Talking to Myself
Entry #52: One Simple Thing
Entry #53: Dog Says
Entry #54: Trying, Trying Again
Entry #55: Blue Skies
Entry #56: The Damage
Entry #57: CAIA vs CFA
Entry #58: CFA Salaries
Entry #59: The Cross Section of Expected CFA Exam Results
Reminiscences of a Candidate Analyst

What They Don’t Teach You in the CFA Program
Lose Lose Situation

CFA Tools
Long Straddle
Long Straddle Revisited
Tests Concerning Mean Difference
CPPI Strategy
Portable Alpha Example
Single Variable Linear Regression Example
A CFA Style Investment Plan

Foreign Wife-isms

Impulse Noise Protection and Mitigation for OFDM
Maximal Ratio Combining Example in Matlab
Signal Space Diversity
Simple Magnitude Estimator
Simple Phase Estimator

Gourmet Hacks
Easiest Gourmet Cheesecake Recipe

Interior Research
How to Find a Career You Will Love

Child Prodigies, Geniuses, and Numb3rs
Somewhere in Texas…

Product Reviews

Zojirushi CD-LCC40 Electric Dispensing Pot

Stock Market
An Alternative to Profit Taking
An Integral Approach to Investing
A Pairs Trading Example
As Goes January?
As Goes Yesterday?
Asset Allocation by Age
Average Annual Return Can Be Misleading!
Asset Allocation Performance for 2009
Black Tar Portfolio
Black Tar Portfolio for 2009
Bruce Greenwald’s Margins of Safety
Bruce Greenwald on the Folly of Discounted Cash Flow
Bruce Greenwald on Valuing a Franchise: Pt. 1
Bruce Greenwald on Valuing a Franchise: Pt. 2
Bruce Greenwald on Valuing a Franchise: Pt. 3
Bruce Greenwald on Valuing a Franchise: Pt. 4
Bruce Greenwald on Valuing a Franchise: Pt. 5
Source Material for Greenwald Franchise Valuation
Build Your Own Matlab Market Barometer
Call Option vs. Long Position
Conglomerate Monkeyshines
Contingent Immunization for Equities
Cost of Equity Calculator
Easiest Way to Beat the S&P?
Efficient Frontier of the Current Dow 30
Even Easier Franchise Valuation!
Glenn Greenberg Resources
Goodwill Hunting
How Diversification Reduces Risk
How to Compute Average Annual Rate of Return
How to Detect Financial Statement Fraud
How to Download Historical Stock Data from Google Finance into Matlab
How to Download Historical Stock Data from Yahoo Finance into Matlab
How to Download Historical Stock Data from Yahoo Finance into R
How to Estimate Earnings Growth with Excel
How to Estimate Risk Using Standard Deviation
How to Get a Free Real-time Stock Quote from Google Finance into Matlab
How to Get a Stock Quote Using Matlab
How to Import Stock Statistics into Matlab
How to Normalize Historical Data for Splits, Dividends, etc.
An Introduction to Stock Valuation
Investing Performance 2013
Mean Variance Optimization with Matlab
Lumilog’s Lazy Portfolio
P/E of the S&P 500 (and other indices)
The Prudence Trap
S&P Buyback Index
Statistical Significance and the Magic Formula
Statistical Value 2014
Stock Puzzle: Boston Beer Company
Stocks, Bonds, and Risk
Turnaround and Turndown
Why You Must Cut Your Losses Early
Year-by-Year S&P 500 Performance

Tibetan by Osmosis
Day #001: Introducing the Tibetan by Osmosis Experiment
Day #002: Ukay Uke Üke
Day #003: Hello Listeners!
Day #004: Self-Entitlement Radio!
Day #005: Los Los… Ray Ray
Day #013: Tibetan Crosswords
Day #026: My Cheatin’ Heart
Day #046: First Sentence!
Day #068: Tibetan Language TV!
Day #089: Professional Help
Day #134: Turn the Page

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