Big Mac

Like you, I read all the time. But a huge portion of mine is online content. This has been a problem because I’ve received many wonderful physical books over the years – things I really wanted, directly from my wishlist – but I never seem to find (make) the time to read them. Next thing I know, Christmas again! …And here come more. My shelf runneth over.

I think a while back I wrote about carving out 20 minutes a day to read. I kept that up for a while, but it fizzled.

Last year I set a goal of reading 24 books for the year, a la Zuckerberg. I made it through 13 but it got to be no fun and I felt like I was sacrificing quality (retention) for quantity (a book every 2 weeks?!).

Now I may have found the perfect system. Feast your eyes…

Well you can’t see since it’s from the top, but this masterpiece is thick – about 700 pages not counting footnotes. I actually finished it – can’t believe it – in about a month using the following system, which I never grew weary of:

  1. On day 1, read at least 1 page (you might read 10, 20, who knows?)
  2. On day 2, read at least 2 pages (maybe a long day, stop at 2)
  3. On day 3, read at least 3 pages
  4. And on and on and on…

In the picture above you see 2 bookmarks. One was for marking where I was and the other for where I needed to be by day’s end. If a page wasn’t text (e.g. a map instead) I didn’t count it towards the daily allotment.

I wrapped up MacArthur (fantastic) last night so today began a new book, and a resetting of the minimum hurdle at 1 page. It’s a gripping read with far fewer words per page so I’m already on pg. 23.

Here’s hoping I’m onto something…

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