12 thoughts on “CFA Level II Results”

  1. You’re right – was up all night with a sick dog (better now) and just too tired today to be creative. Thanks for the congrats!

  2. Congrats..

    Just stumbled on your blog, preparing for the Level 1 Dec exam…
    Love your blog , very helpful materials in here.

  3. Lumi – congrats man, that is one great way for you to start off the week! Now go enjoy the rest of the summer….

  4. thanks sen and bob – yes a great way to start the week!

    Wenger – way to go. Time to up our game yet again. 🙂

    Just submitted my $650 for the Level III exam Was happy to give them my hard earned money – kinda like shopping at the Apple store.

    Schweser will get their theirs soon as well…

  5. Congrats Lumi! I passed the Level 2 as well. I didn’t do as well as in Level 1, but a pass is a pass. Good luck to both of us on Level 3.

  6. Lumi,

    Nice to read your thoughts on this website. Helps to relate our thoughts as we navigate through this CFA exams.

    Unfortunately I did not pass level 2. I read only the CFA materials just like in level 1. All others that took the exam with me said that they never read CFA material, but entirely relied on Schweser material.

    Since I see that you used Schweser material for level 2, I would like to know what relative importance you place on schweser notes over the CFA material itself. Did you find Scweser notes helpful to pass level II.



  7. Way to go PudoCFA and Anon! Hope you’ve started studying b/c I’ve already logged 5 hours!

    Sam – sorry to hear about the no-pass. Sounds similar to my story. For the first try at Level II I only used the CFAI materials. For the second try I only used Schweser except in rare cases where I needed a really detailed explanation of a difficult topic (not just abbreviated notes to help me remember something I’d already learned but sort of forgotten).

    I place very high importance on Schweser, particularly the Quiz Bank of questions b/c you can take mini practice tests (60 questions) over and over again to learn your weak areas so that you know where you should be spending your study time. In my book, ordering Schweser is a no-brainer unless you’re on a very tight budget. The only difficult part is deciding which Schweser package to buy.

    I’m planning to do an upcoming blog on this topic so stay tuned.

    – lumi

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