Reminiscences of a Candidate Analyst

These days it seems every blogger is turning their homespun philosophies into ebooks. They’re cashing in and selling out, peddling PDFs of common bleeping sense that everyone knows, but no one can put into action.


Quite frankly, it’s disgusting. And you won’t find me…

…Oh, hi there!

New to the CFA Program?
Just curious?
Testing the waters?

I bet you have a LOT of questions. Wouldn’t you just love to find someone who has been through the program, buy them a coffee or whatever, sit down for an hour, and ask them all about it? How did they come to be in the program? How did they study? What did they learn? What would they recommend?

Well, look no further! For the price of that iced double sencha skinny macchiato you can have… my ebook!

That’s right, I the Thrice CFA Leveler Passer Master sat down with my pre-CFA Program self, and did a big Q&A about the whole program. It turned out to be (with admittedly liberal whitespace) a 100+ page monsterpiece! Now that my wife has proofread it, I think it’s ready for prime time.

Click here.

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