Educate, Liberate, Liquidate

And the reading roll continues with a 400-pager finished in 2 weeks. Either I’ve found the right system or… just the right author. I think it’s both – the system gets me reading every day, but a good author keeps me doing so, way past the daily minimum.

Goodbye Darkness, by William Manchester

As I looked at my stack of books I realized they fall into roughly 3 categories. I have a lot of nonfiction – history, finance, etc. that, being nonfiction, I decided to call by their purpose – 1. Educate.

I also have a ton of eastern philosophy – particularly non-duality & advaita. And while many would say these are the fiction (can’t say I’ve progressed enough to know otherwise) I decided to call these by what they’re supposed to do too, 2. Liberate.

Finally I have many books that were given to me by others that, honestly, I wouldn’t have picked out for myself. I tell myself I should read them at some point – maybe I’ll love them but, if not, at least I’ll be able to finally get rid of them. I call them 3. Liquidate.

So rather than reading one William Manchester book after the other, my plan going forward is to cycle through the 3 categories.

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