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Random Stock Ticker

Random Ticker iPhone App

For those looking to either throw “virtual darts” to create a random stock portfolio, or just find new investment ideas. Each time you press the GENERATE button, it creates a random stock ticker and then checks either Google Finance or Yahoo Finance (your choice) to see if the ticker is valid. While you may have to press GENERATE a few times to find a valid ticker, I feel this technique is superior to choosing from a pre-defined list of actives because such a list is always changing. It also leaves you open to coming across other securities besides stocks, such as commodity or bond ETFs, ETNs, mutual funds, etc. The interface allows you to select the number of letters you’d like your random ticker to consist of (between 1 and 5), or set the control to RND to also have a random number of ticker letters.

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Shamanic Journey Timer

Shamanic practitioners often use a repeating, rhythmic sound to shift consciousness in order to journey.

With the Shamanic Journey Timer select:

(a) your desired journey length
(b) whether you want to journey to a rattle or a drum and
(c) whether you prefer the environment of the desert (no sound effect) or a cave (reverberations)

After pressing “start” the rhythmic pattern begins, allowing you to journey until it is time for you to be called back home. Then, a brief “call back” pattern signals the moment to return, and gives you some time to do so.

For each journey, one of 38 power animals will appear that you may choose to connect with. The image of the animal slowly dissolves into the petroglyphs as your journey proceeds. IMPORTANT: the nature of the journeying sound is one of constant repetition, which those trained in journeying will expect.

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An app that a friend hired me to create, Transmutation helps shift the way you think throughout the day and uplifts you during challenging times.

You can program the app for the an interval of when you would like to receive an alert of bells, a Tibetan bowl, or chimes. This is to remind you to check in with your thoughts periodically and reflect on what you’re thinking about. If you happen to be in a cycle of negative thoughts you can tap on the alert and go into the Library to select a random inspirational word, phrase, blessing, or photo. This helps shift your attitude and create an inner smile, paving the way for constructive thinking.

You can use the inspirations provided or upload your own.

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  1. It’s really just to come up with companies randomly, whereas if you go to Yahoo of Google you need to type in a specific ticker.

    For example, say it’s New Year’s eve and you want to build a portfolio of 20 random stocks that you will compare in performance to a separate portfolio of your own hand-picked stocks in the coming year, to determine whether you have genuine stock-picking ability. The RandomTicker app would help you come up with your 20 random companies for the random portfolio.

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