My French Vow

In late 2016, I started blogging about finally making good on my wedding vow (15 years earlier!) to learn French…

Entry #1: Project Launch: My French Vow
Entry #2: Where Things Stand Now
Entry #3: Learning = Minimizing Error
Entry #4: Shared Decks Saved My Life!
Entry #5: When Are You Fluent?
Entry #6: It Appears To Be Working!
Entry #7: That’s One Way To Do It
Entry #8: Sorry, Tara!
Entry #9: Reaching Critical Mass
Entry #10: French Wisdom
Entry #11: Circumnavigation Complete!

My intention was to progressively work up to passing the DALF C1, which is (to quote “a way of testifying that your French level is good enough to conduct your social, academic and working life comfortably in French”.

A couple of months into this project, my wife was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Within days we had surgeries, chemo, CT scans, etc. filling up our calendar and it just wasn’t realistic to regularly carve out time each day for French – so the project ground to a halt. That said… my wife is responding very well to treatment, I’m still studying my flash cards, have even read my first book in French, and so am hoping to pick back up where I left off soon.