Just finished Dan Brown’s almost 500-page Origin last night. This one wasn’t even in my reading stack…

What happened was, many days while reading the previous book, I’d feel like my soul was dying by the time I’d reached my daily minimum number of pages. Therefore I’d go no further. One day I still wanted to read something and kind of accidentally began reading this (it was in my wife’s stack).

While I enjoyed the book (loved the atheist visionary) I almost felt like I was reading something written by someone writing in the style of Dan Brown instead of by the man himself. It was a page-turner, like The Da Vinci Code and the others – where, as my wife guessed – no one ever went to sleep or to the bathroom, but some of the art, architecture, and symbolic references felt a bit contrived. Actually, the art & architecture was great – it was the symbology that didn’t move me anymore. At all. (Thanks, non-duality!)

Also, what a shoe-in considering the location to incorporate the controversial origin of the Basque people and their language. Dan?!?

All said, I did enjoy the book and completely did not foresee the plot twist at the end. As they say in our local surf report when form is good but waves small: “It’s worth it if ya got nothin’ better going on…

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