Project Launch: My French Vow

These posts were originally done on a separate website, which I’m discontinuing, but the project is ongoing so… transferring them here!

Bienvenue à My French Vow, a website series of posts I will use to share my journey of becoming fluent in French!

The first thing you’re wondering… why is it French Vow instead of French Journey or French Project?!  Let me take you back to 2001…

In August of that year I married the wonderful woman you see here in Exhibit A.

Do you see the African patterns on the fabrics in that picture? That’s because the photo was taken at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of our favorite vacation spots.

Now I absolutely love the lodge and it’s hard to imagine anyone not having a good time there: interesting food, happy music, zebras & giraffes right off your balcony…  But the place has deeper relevance for my wife because she used to live in Africa.

Long before we met, her father (Foreign Service) was assigned to Ivory Coast, where they moved and she attended local schools (in French).  She loved Africa and has a special fondness for the French language, which of course she speaks fluently.

Côte d’Ivoire

Well, me and my big mouth. When we got married in 2001, we decided to write our own vows. And in a fit of I-don’t-know-what, I vowed to learn French, because I thought she’d really like that… (true)

It’s now 15 years later and I still can’t speak French!  Oh, I’ve established a beachhead more than once but have never managed to push on to the final objective (though at least I have a good Hercule Poirot impression to show for my efforts). But recently I discovered 3 learning aids that I think will finally help me reach that goal.

Watch this space!

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