Tibetan Language TV!

Well its been over 2 months since the Tibetan by Osmosis project started. I’m still at it…

And things are going sloooooooowly…

I’ve learned a few more words (you can see them all so far here), but have an ever-increasing backlog of words I keep hearing but can’t figure out what they mean.

It’s getting a little frustrating so I’ve begun looking into employing a native speaker for occasional Skype sessions to field questions.

I know that breaks away from the “osmosis” motif. Perhaps this project will morph slightly, with a similar goal of learning colloquial Tibetan, but more of a can I learn Tibetan over the internet versus the current can I learn Tibetan using internet audio.

We’ll see.

In the mean time I’ve discovered something that might help a little. Whereas Radio Free Asia (RFA) let’s you download a daily hour-long audio podcast of the news in Tibetan, Voice of America (VOA) has a weekly television program.

You can find it here: Talk to VOA (Kunleng)

Actually I had noticed this link on the VOA website a long time ago. But since it’s called Talk to VOA I thought it was some sort of chat room and never clicked on it till now.

I’ve certainly heard of people who’ve “picked up” a foreign language mostly by watching TV while living in the country. Therefore this could be quite a boon.

So I have my daily RFA news hour for the iPod while I walk the poodle. And now I can catch an hour of VOA TV on the weekend.

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