Tibetan Vocabulary

Below is a list of Tibetan words commonly used in the Ü-kay dialect Radio Free Asia Tibetan news podcasts. Tibetan words are spelled phonetically and added as I learn them, while pursuing my Tibetan by Osmosis project.

a-ree = American
ay-shee-a = Asia
chang = north
chang ko-ree-ya = North Korea
chik = one, a
cho-mo-lung-ma = Mount Everest
dang = and
day-tsen = category, section
de-nay = then; after that; now… (as in starting a new paragraph)
ee-rak = Iraq
ee-ran = Iran
gong-du day-lay = good evening
gong-sa cho(k) = Dalai Lama
gong-sa kyab-gön chen-po cho(k) = His Holiness the Dalai Lama
gu-shab = mister, sir (e.g. gu-shab Al Gore = Mr. Al Gore)
gya-ga = India (also gya-rar)
gya-mee = Chinese person
gya-na = China
gya-rar = India (also gya-ga)
gyal-sa = capital (e.g. of a country)
gyal-tso = United Nations
gyee = of
hong kong = Hong Kong
in-jee = England
in-kay = English (language)
khag = indicates plurality of parts (e.g. lay-rim khag = programs)
khang = house, building
lay-rim = program
lho = south
lho ko-ree-ya = South Korea
lob-d(r)ug = student
loong-tin = radio
loong-tin khang = radio station
mang-bo = many
mang-tso = democratic
nay = from (e.g. Lhasa ne = from Lhasa)
nyay-char = recently
nyee-hong = Japan
= Tibet
pö-kay = Tibetan language
pö-mi = Tibetan person
pö rang-tsen = “Free Tibet”
pö-yö = Tibet
rang-tsen = independence
ra(ng)-wang = independent
san-gyur = news
shoong = government
shoong-tsab = ambassador
shoong-tsab gyee khang = consulate, embassy
si-zeen = president
tan-da = now
ta-shee day-lay = hello
tay-ring = today
tsam-ling = world
yin-nay = but
yö-pa ray = is, are, was, were

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  1. I just found your blog, and I absolutely love it. I’m a software developer looking to go back to school for a BSBA with a finance concentration. I want to work towards entering the financial analysis realm, and possibly apply my software knowledge to it in some capacity. I also have a love of languages, and have tried many times but never quite committed. I just bought your books as well, and can’t wait to get into it. Live long and prosper, my friend!

  2. Same to you, Rick, and thanks for the purchase. Financial modeling is a lot of fun and a great outlet for creativity. Wishing you prosperous adventures.

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